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Your teeth are important as they are a central factor when it comes to your personality. No person looks good with them just think that old people can be recognized on the basis of two things. That is wrinkles on the skin and no real teeth. You can make out the extent of their importance. When you see them they would look simple but are rather complex. They need good care and a person who is sincere about teeth care to follow a strict routine. The habit of keeping a good oral routine comes from the family but not always it’s the matter. Also, from the place, you belong also affects their being. Like we Indians are more careful about your teeth rather than the Americans. We have great routine, as well as, traditional practices to have a healthy oral condition. But one should visit a dentist regularly for treatment it is not just that you visit any one of them. Always choose a trusted name for you & your dear ones. We all know that teeth shape our face so there aesthetically very important. They add beauty & confidence so you should believe a trusted name in the dentistry field. Also, when it comes to cosmetic things then go for the most reliable one. Do not play with your beautiful features so that you get the brightest smile ever!

Adesh dental hospital is one such clinic in Bareilly that offers your numerous dental services. That too in affordable rates we have qualified doctors who are a practiced hand in this field for many years. This centre in town is the perfect place for the oral care of your family and friends. Get the perfect smile that reflects a pearl-like shine. You will get here the top quality treatment at fine rates. Have a visit to the best dental Hospital now. Get your cosmetic surgery done or come to our place for all the oral issues!

Why Us!

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread healthy smiles and provide quality dental treatment to the people all over the town. The highly qualified team maintains the equilibrium. It also helps us in accomplishing our mission of "undiluted smiles".

Our Vision

Our vision here at Adesh dental Hospital is very clear since the beginning. We view our each and every patient through a microscopic lens so as to provide them quality treatment for any of their oral issue.


"Stay tidy because cleanliness means longevity"-Being a doctor we realise the importance of sterilisation of equipment as well as of the tools used while practising. All or procedures are crystal clear so that our patients get the best service from us.

About Doctor And Blog

Dr. Adesh Gangwar

B.D.S., F.I.C.D.R. (U.K.), F.A.G.E., C.E.R.P. (U.S.A.)

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Cosmetic Dentist Bareilly

How can I protect my oral health?

Teeth Brushing at least twice a day, Regular flossing, Healthy food and timely regulated meal/snacks..

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replacement of missing teeth

Your overall health, strongly correlated with dental risks!

Mouth with oral irregularities is a common way to spread many of physical issues. Our body and mouth can affect one another..

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Smile Makeover

As the name suggests, a smile makeover is the art of improving the appearance of the smile
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Simply stated, a veneer is a thin covering over another surface. In dentistry veneer is thin
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ORTHODONTICS is the process of straightening teeth with the help of an appliance (wires etc).
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Do you know that your dental problems can likely to have chronic condition to your overall health? Are you getting the dental treatments with good dental practice and modern instruments? Are you looking for the best and affordable dental implants India? Get a consultation Call with more information about your dental query.

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