About Us

Come to the best dental hospital in Bareilly!

Adesh dental hospital is one of the most reputed dental hospital situated in Bareilly offering best dental services for more than 20+ years.

We are equipped with advanced hi-tech equipments and facilities like a spacious waiting area, well equipped Doctor’s chamber with fully automatic Dental chair’s and best equipments like:-

(i). Inter Oral camera
(ii). Endomotor (word’s most advance RCT technologies)
(iii). RVG (Latest X-Ray tech with minimum radiation)
(iv). Ultrasonic Scalars
(v). Latest Light Cure restoration Gun

We maintain a clean and safe environment with proper sterilization techniques and equipments.


We offer wide range of treatments like:-

1. All treatments related with teeth, gums, tongue, cheek & hard and soft palate.
2. Ultra Sonic Dental Scaling
3. Painless extraction of teeth including Root Stumps and Impacted molars.
4. Treatment of cheek bite, tongue bite and all type of oral ulcers and herpes Infection.
5. Single sitting Root Canal treatment.
6. All type of restoration like light cure laser, silver, G.I.C etc.
7. Pediatric Dental care like fluoride treatment, G.I.C filling, habit breaking appliance etc.
8. All type of crown and bridges. (zirconia, ceramic, metal, Gold, acrylic)

We also offer Advanced treatments like:-

1. All Surgeries related with Dental cysts, tumors and facial/dental abscess
2. Specialised treatment of less jaw opening (OSMF & Trismus)
3. Treatment of Oral Lesions like candidiasis, Herpes, leukoplakia, lichen planus, pemphigus etc.
4. Dental Implants
5. Bleaching
6. IMF and mandibles /maxilla plating in case of fractures.
7. Biopsy and treatment of precancerous lesions and conditions.

Why Us!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality dental implant services of exceptional quality using state-of- the equipment and technology. They allow our highly qualified team to take care of you in a friendly, relaxed and modern environment.

Our Vision

Our vision here at Best Dental Clinic is very clear from the start, we simply want to provide high quality dental implant service and treatment at reasonable and realistic prices that are attainable and affordable by the majority.


‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and we at Adesh Dental Hospital cannot exhort and agree more on this.
Our policies and procedures show transparency and fairness in the way we deal with our patients.

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